Saturday, March 28, 2015


I already get a bit of traffic from people seating for DIY vibrators or true sex stories but I am so looking forward to claiming a few new key word search terms when my book The Adventures of Holly White and the Incredible Sex Machine hits the shelves.

Here. I'll add some in for you.

Sex Machines
Wilhelm Reich
Orgone energy
ORAC (The acronym for Reich's Orgone Energy Accumulator and also the computer from Blakes 7.  Coincidence? I think not)
Sexual UFOs
Blue glowing vagina.
Eye in the arse.
secret pornography
atomic orgy

So many many more. If you find this intriguing, here is a link to a preview to my book which will be released on April 22nd.


Caroline Moran said...

HI Krissy I can't wait to read the new book. I'm a fan after reading Tryptic after I saw you at the Perth Writer's Festival a few years ago.

Keep it up! :)

Krissy Kneen said...

Thanks Caroline. Only 4 sleeps to go! Exciting.