Friday, April 25, 2014

In verse / inverse

I seem to be writing a verse novel.

I can very clearly see a problem here.

Write an erotic memoir - translates into sales in the tens of thousands.
Write a pornographic series of novellas - sales well into the thousands
Write a literary fiction novel - sales of up to and sometimes including a thousand
Write a verse novel - ah well a dozen people may buy it if I can find a publisher for it.

Something is wrong here.

I started with a very clear idea that writing is a career and somehow I seem to be undermining my potential to make any kind of career out of it at all.

Lucky for all of us the book that is out early next year ticks some hefty boxes. Erotic? Tick. Novel? Tick. Comedy? Tick.

I suppose till I agree to play within the lines I will have to let the work itself sustain me.

Till then, this….

In Coles
In the picnic aisle
A packet falls
There are plastic knives

The pointless sound
Of nothing
Hitting ground

Is what breaks me


1 comment:

Tez Miller said...

Verse novels sell really young adult. Would probably do alright in "new adult" (university-aged) - and if you did do an NA in verse, you'd get to keep all the sex in it ;-)