Friday, January 13, 2012


My boy says there is nothing sexy about hoarding. I was testing out the idea for a character in my sex book. Perhaps secretly she is a hoarder, one of those ones that seems normal until you happen to call at her house. I thought this might make her more human, add to her personality as a real character and not just a cardboard cut out. Hoarding is just not sexy he said to me and I begin to fret.

My family are hoarders. All of them. I am a hoarder in my own way. Before my boy moved in it was obvious from just looking at my flat. Now it is more ordered. My boy takes my things and puts them in their places. Sometimes he orders a clean out and I struggle with each magazine, each pone number, each business card. Throwing anything away is like plunging a blunt implement into my eyeball. Everything has a use and I have not used it. It is enough to make me weep from the waste of opportunity.

So hoarders are not sexy. We no longer have a proper mirror, but I look in the small reflective square that fell off the wall and I know that this is true. My hoarding is just one of the many unattractive qualities. My weight, my height, my anxiousness, my irritation, my hatred of all pop culture, my strident anger at poor taste, my highbrow reading, my insistence on thick rimmed glasses when I know it makes me look like a wanna be hipster, my lethargy, my aggression, my insistence on hanging around people old enough to be my children, my occasional crushes on said young folk. I could go on and on and on.

I throw out half my clothing till my wardrobe is packed but not overflowing. I cull a few of my million books, I clear a space on my desk, but these are not the only things I have to cull. Despite my anger at having to do so I suppose I must shed thirty kilos and find new friends or travel alone. I should begin to dress like a middle aged lady, although that is the hardest thing to imagine. But like any hoarder, even one of these things seems like a giant mountain, looming, waiting for me to climb.


sarah toa said...

Tough ask. The blunt instrument in the eyeball sounds sooo attractive.
Perhaps ... the unsexy aspect of hoarding is the displayed past. Lovers, hair, books, skin cells, clothes. New lovers may want that 'clean slate', the facade of life being barren or empty, before they arrived. Maybe.

Melbourne Girl said...

I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss the hoarding as character trait. Who cares if it's 'not sexy'? Is that what it's all about? I would say interesting trumps sexy in this case and makes for a more real character as you suggested. Are you trying to write books that *only* titillate? I think not.


Also did you apply any kind of formula to your book cull? I just cannot do it.

Sayumi Tsunenaga said...
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