Friday, July 22, 2011


There are words you use to make love to me. I long to pluck them from the page, words for genitals, words for what you do with your genitals. I want to pick the bones of the books clean. I would do a comparative study. I would start with House of Holes, making spread sheets to group Nicholson Baker's use of language, words for cock and cunt and tit. Venn Diagrammes outlining where Baker intersects with Nin, what words are exclusive to Bataille, what are the words we most commonly share. I want to intersect my circle with one I have made for Eugenides. I know that sex is not really his thing. It would be a little shower of words where I am gushing like an open tap. What words of love do I share with McEwan, where does my language penetrate the work of George Orwell.

The diagrams are useless, but they are my little erotic sketches. My etchings. And maybe, sometime, I will be in a room with Baker and I will ask him if he wants to see my diagrams. Diagram could be a word for cunt, my circle opening out to contain the words cock and prick and erection.

Ah the fun we could have with a little word play. I will start the project as soon as I return.

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