Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paper trail

So I began my hunt through language, mostly this involved downloading essays that I have yet to read. I keep touching Umberto Eco wishing he had something to say on the subject as I always find he is a joy to read. I have Angela Carter and Kathy Acker to look at now and a dozen journal articles that seem to be related. What is the language of sex? It is a different thing to every person I am sure, but I have a way of looking at it and words that make it feel like you are seeing it through my eyes. I am tempted to start with my spreadsheet, authors at the side, words along the bottom. How many times does Nicholson Barker say 'cunt'. Not too many would be my suspicion. I save my cunts for the perfect moment, not wanting to wear it out. Who is going to tell me about language? I know the feminists have a position. The queer theorists talk about words. I suppose I want to hear it from the linguists although that is a whole new mess to plunge myself into.

And so begins the archeological dig.


sarah toa said...

I like your line about not wanting to wear out 'cunt'!
Also, a few post ago, you wrote about that image of the seals getting stuck into the salmon. That was a brilliant analogy and image. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Krissy,
isn't working.
I just get a website saying 'this domain may be for sale'.


Krissy Kneen said...

Thanks Sarah. Nice to know someone is listening (although I almost removed a couple of posts but didn't due to my decision to keep all comments and posts no matter how ill-advised). And anonymous - that is sad, maybe Dave let hi domain lapse. i will remove it. Thanks.