Monday, July 11, 2011


So - lips - the things in the centre of your face, the dark with blood flaps of skin that you kiss with, or perhaps the other lips, reddened with blood, thickened, the things you should kiss if you are game, although, sadly many aren't. Still, lips are the words for them although sometimes it feels like it is the wrong word.

Like when do you use 'cunt'. Do you save it up for the punch, the opening of those under-lips, the splay-legged sopping wet spread-eagled desire of the thing is ready for the plunge of the - member? Or is that too parliamentary? Cock? Too porn? Manhood? I don't like manhood particularly although she is not opposed to it, my editor. We wrestle over words but I don't put up much of a fight, as usual. All I ask is that you make me sound like myself. If I never use a word then I will never use it, no matter how often you suggest it.

Mostly we are good dance partners at this line by line, word by word. Mostly I don't care which way you put me, sentences placed arse-up, my infinities split all to hell. Mostly I am careless with apostrophes and my bares are bears. I am sure you roll your eyes each time I repeat a mistake that you are tired of.

It is cautious work, not like the ripping into language that initiated this dance. All foreplay spent, the sex done and dusted and this is just the mopping up. Still, you can make my vagina into a sex or a cunt but keep your hand off my manhood because I will have none of it.

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sarah toa said...

great post! I find the editing process really interesting, if only how it can shape the post coital cigarette. But manhood? Mmm.