Monday, July 11, 2011

the books that count

so now I have put the bulk of the books back onto the bookcase. All those big heavy hard to read things that break sex down into it's component parts. All disembodied penises and vaginas. This is how I see it. They are useful, I need them to get the job done, but they are the business without the poetry.

Now that I have cleared away all of that I am left with a small pile of books that are so close to my heart. I am left with the fiction, the good fiction, the Nin and Batailles the Nabakov and Mcewan and I leave the pile beside my computer because these are the books that segue into my heart work, the fiction. I do not open them as I start to edit but they stand by me. They have a place on the headboard of my bed to take care of my dreams.

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