Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pavlov's dog and boredom

Did the dog ever tire of salivating for the food at the dinging of a bell?

I know we can be conditioned to our responses. If he puts a particular song on the CD player, if she sets the table in a particular way using candles, if she always wants sex on a Wednesday if he always has a wank in the shower after a run.

I am trained to my sexual responses. If I am home alone to work I come back again and again to the idea that I am free to masturbate undisturbed. I have a weekend habit for sex that is perhaps boring if you look at it that way.

I wonder if Pavlov's dog ever wanted to shake it up a little. Perhaps wait till after the 7.30 report to get fed. Use the sound of the bell to indicate sleep time just for something different. Do we get bored of our conditioned responses or will I always find myself fidgeting on 'working from home days' unable to settle until the deed is done?

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