Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How do I respond.

The sex research is having an impact on my work. This is fascinating to note. I feel that as the year progresses I feel more able to express my own ideas about it all. I know now, for instance, that there are two ways of presenting sex in fiction, one is as a representation of joy and delight like the work of Linda Jaivin, all celebration and laughter and fun, and the other is to see sex as something shameful, the perversions best kept hidden like the psychologically complex sex of Rod Jones.

Triptych is of the former variety, a comedy, a playful exploration of alternative sexualities. It is porn of course but it is fun porn, light and full of word play. It is a nudge and a wink and a running towards sex with open arms. These next works are darker. They are perhaps more about the shadow of the thing than the thing itself, they are about grief and shame and jealousy and revenge, sex that is conducted in the dark and in complete silence.

For some reason I have begun with a scupture I have seen by Arnish Kapoor. A sculpture called void which is so matt and blue that it eats light. A sculpture that is one thing from one angle and another from a different view. Unspeakably blue. It is a colour that seems so full of reverberations that you can almost hear it. This is the next story. This is the next trilogy. This is sex from another, unsettling angle altogether.

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sarah toa said...

Thats a really good analogy of writing human relationships. How the image changes according to the angle you view it from; light and dark and that matt black blue that 'eats light'. (I love that)

I like the idea of lulling the reader into a laughing, jaivin union and then rotating the sculpture. It's been done before, I suppose (the collector etc) but it still works.