Sunday, June 5, 2011

Encounters with Animals: Dogs 2

She sleep with the rest of the pack. One long bed made of discarded mattresses. It takes up most of the floor space in the lounge room. The lounge suite pushed out and away towards the far reaches of the room. The lounge chairs are used, often. One dog or another will lope up onto them and settle their great haunches on the frayed upholstery. The scent of dog so strong that you would barely imagine a human lives here too. She does. One human, she leads the pack most times, Alpha female, pitching her voice low as she growls and snarls at one dog or another, asserting her position as defender and provider.

I wonder about sex. Surely this pack is not entirely sexless. There are female dogs and males all in together. None of them desexed, all of them a raging pack of hormones. And then she, the human amongst them, isolated from her natural tribe. I wonder if she masturbates beside them, breathing in the stale wet scent of dogs who have been swimming in the ocean. I wonder if she lets one dog mount another, if she watches, if she chastises and separates. I just wonder.

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