Friday, June 3, 2011

Dog Live on Cam 2

She is wearing a coat and glasses and I suspect, a wig. She has a porn star body. I suppose she is working. This is not a home made labour of love. I am concerned for her. I am concerned about the conditions of her employment. She seems cheerful enough as she lets the dog jump and leap onto her chest and then steps away, but I know it is an act. Danes have the longest claws.

She takes her coat off, keeps the sunglasses on. Anonymity. I wonder if what she is about to do is illegal. She is playful with the Dane. He licks her vagina immediately. I am certain he has been trained. Again an ethical nightmare. Still he seems to enjoy his task and she is playful in return. I wonder about the camera. Who is it that is filming her. What is their relationship?

I am aroused.

I am aroused because I am watching something I shouldn't be watching. I am aroused because of what I am about to see. I am aroused because I am nervous. It is not difficult to arouse me. Sometimes all it takes is the mention of sex. The sight of the girl without her clothes would be enough. I am aroused but I am on edge with it. I keep trying to figure out if this is a bad thing to do. It is a free site. I am not contributing money to any unethical business. There is no actual sign of abuse. Perhaps the girl is having as much fun as she seems to be. She laughs. The dog wags its tail. There is pleasure here. His penis emerges from it's sheath. She is long legged this girl and when she crouches she is just the right size for a Dane to mount. He leaps up onto her back and begins to thrust. It isn't clear if he has found the right orifice and in a second she rolls over and spreads her legs and he licks her there. I see the clitoris and know what it must feel like to be licked like that. But is she aroused? The dog is clearly aroused. They repeat this game of kneeling, being mounted, the little jiggling of his hips, the rolling away. It is expert and for the camera. She is a performer. This much is clear. It goes on for so long I wonder about his claws and the scratches that must be gathering on her skin although none of this is visible to the camera. I am aroused but not in the way I often am, unable to operate without a moment alone in the bathroom. My arousal is complicated. I am not sure if an orgasm would bring me much relief.

Am I a bad person for even contemplating this kind of act? What of the people who do not perform for money, what of the humans who can't contemplate sex with a member of their own kind. What about a more domestic coupling, the best friend kind of relationship between dog and girl.

The climax happens quickly and I can't be sure the thick white stuff trickling from her cunt is semen at all. Certainly the dog's penis was in there. The image showed the penetration and the animal leaping off, but there are tricks in the game and this video is part of the game. I imagine they put a condom on the dog. I imagine that this is thick white paste inserted into her, displayed now for the camera. There was certainly a break in continuity just before the come shot. Still, a quibble. This is the first bestial coupling I have seen. I know I will have to watch more. There are at least eight free videos on this site. Some seem home made. Maybe these will be the kind of thing I have come here for, the window into my soul. The next time I write something about this I will engage with the act in all its complexity. No love, but perhaps this puppy playfulness, a small moment of relief in what may be a very dark space indeed.

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