Monday, May 30, 2011

All the action starts on Wednesday

So this Wednesday I will begin my year of erotic exploration. One post every day including fiction, memoir and essay. All of it about sex. Some of it about zoophilia - quite a lot of it probably as this is the focus of my thesis.

In the lead up to the grand opening of my year of the beast, I would like to quote Xavier Pons from his book Messengers of Eros.

"Authors also represent sex in a somewhat different sense - by acting out their own sex in their writing. Although a language is common property of all who speak it, its practice, especially through writing, is not a gender-free activity, conducted in exactly the same manner by men and women, by heterosexuals and homosexuals. Something of the author's gender and sexual orientation will appear in their very writing, which is an extension of their own self, flesh turned into ink."

I wonder as I read this if I am able to write about sex as I do because of my sexual fluidity. I desire a wide range of people, creatures, objects. I have no specific urge to have sex with an animal and the idea of sex with some animals provides me with a barrier to arousal. I grew up with dogs. I know how dirty they can be. Still I can see the erotic potential of fur, and anything that has come from the sea has a certain tactile appeal. I will go to places that I have not allowed myself to go. Will you come with me?

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Ira McGuire said...

looking forward to the action.