Sunday, March 13, 2011

Liking animals

A pause now to tell you that I like animals. I do understand that I have been watching nothing but people masturbating animals for the collection of sperm for about a week. This has skewed my perception somewhat, but, before the idea of sex with animals there was a pure love of them

I grew up with a Labrador who would sleep on my bed. Her name was Lady and I had a game I used to play where I would pretend she was my mother. I loved her cleanly. She would snuggle in next to me when I was sad. I would whisper all my problems and then pretend that she was telling me that it would be okay. She never failed to know when I was sad and come to sit with me. You are all the family I need I would tell her. This dog was my first best friend, my parent and my greatest love.

And so I understand you may find my youtube habits quite disturbing. I do however need to know just how a dog's penis is made. I need to try to feel desire when I am writing it. Some people feel desire for their puppy. I do not.

I was more into the idea of the octopus I told them in the car and we all laughed but it was true. The pure alien connection. The lack of need, desire or judgment - is this, then what I love the most?

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