Friday, March 11, 2011


I saw two kelpies at Boys Cafe. A young girl stopped to pet one and it barked, bared its teeth, she tried once more and was rejected with a growl. A pretty girl, maybe 20, 21. The owners laughed and shrugged. I watched the pretty grey and black creatures, slim hipped, skittish. One of them couldn't settle at all, wrapped his lead around a chair leg, nipped the other on the flank.

I have spent two weeks sexualising dogs. A kelpie starred in one particular scene. I stared at the dogs and tried to feel the potential for play, the excited little chase, the energetic copulation, the scratch of a rough tongue. I suppose I could enjoy the act for pure sensation if I tried and yet I felt no sexual pull at all.

The video of octopuses mating however never fails to stir me. I suppose, despite my fondness for them, I'm just not a dog person at all.

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