Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flirty Woman Online

Flirty Woman Online

This is the ad at the sidebar of this post, suddenly the ads for new puppies and Veterinarians have been replaced by something more appropriate. I suppose this blog is flirtation - something I have not mastered in real life. On the page however I am assured I can bring someone to orgasm with just a few taps of the keys. I should be involved in internet sex, I would describe my position, bent over the kitchen bench. I would lift my skirt for you and let you pull down my tights, or perhaps I should pull them down for you in case you are not sure what you are supposed to do with that image. This woman here, bent over and naked from the waste down, wet of course with desire because that is what you are expecting, and yet you pause perhaps because you have been here before. You have seen me here with the kelpie, excitable, frenetic. You have seen me with my fetish for an octopus and now, faced with my naked, glistening cunt you are unsure if this is flirty woman online or veterinarian online now.

I assure you this is more about sex than animals. I will lure you past your reservations with my dulcet tones or at least an artful turn of the key. So let me bed over, spread my legs wider, feel you slip inside and I assure you I will not come till you are ready, your internet dancer, your three minute non-contact lay.

Join me again and again and check the ads on the right hand side, I am a fine dance partner, flirty online woman, so bring it on.

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Peter Marquis-Kyle said...

"...from the waste down..."

I love it when you talk plumbing.