Tuesday, March 8, 2011

back to the business - with the dog

Leda watched her friend rubbing herself, pushed forward onto her elbow, the furious slapping of the muscular grey thighs against her own. From this angle she could not see the act, the point of entry, and she shifted onto the ground, staring up at the coupling, trying not to stroke herself too vigorously, wanting to save her climax for this new sensation. She watched the dog approach it’s moment, the shifting of its rhythm, the little grunting noises it made deep in its throat. She could see the point of entry and she craned her neck towards it, setting her tongue against the girl’s clitoris, licking as Paul would lick her, remembering all the times the animal had pleasured her in this way. One final thrust and the creature was done. From this angle Leda could watch Sampson hop off Rachel’s back, the tug of the penis momentarily stuck.

She knew how this would feel, that thick knot of gristle tugging against that sensitive place inside. She sucked the little protrusion of her friend’s flesh into her mouth, watched the hound finally pull free, the little drops of white fluid spilling out across Rachel’s red raw flesh. She saw the spasms begin and touched the slick vagina with one finger, slipped it inside. The clenching of flesh.

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