Friday, September 18, 2009

Sex on the Book Tour

Ethan. Surprisingly, China, because I thought I wouldn't be at all moved by him. Rosemary and the Museum of sex in London. Wells because of the Brown Coast and because he read without ego and seemed personable. Anna for her upturning nose and her talent and her eye of the storm comfort. Christopher. Ever, Christopher because of the incestuous brother love thing and the way that Leesa looks at him now. Angela because you are in my skin, looking for words to tip you over into. Clive, for understanding and for kindness. Bec - vicariously living out the dream for me. Cate, just because she is in her body solid on the earth in a way that catches in me. Michael and Michael for butting up against that line and almost stepping over it. Steven for your wide eyed terror and your freshness and the beer. Chris because you are undeniably and without a doubt. Kirsten for your tentative steps in the same direction as mine. But oh, Maria. Really, dangerously, Maria. And the itch on the back of my neck from where I might be bitten and carried weightlessly. Maria in he palm of one hand. Ethan in the other. Twin poles, equally tempting for such opposite reasons. Then Anthony. Finally and forever. Anthony.

And that, was the tour. Summed up, and with an emphasis on sex.

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Katherine said...

Welcome Back & congratulations on your tour.