Tuesday, August 4, 2009

aquatic abandon

Like the feeling that everything opened can be filled. Dream of a Fisherman's wife. The cold wet cunnilingus that peels the lips open. My lips open and there is a desperation for something to fill the hollow place where my scream could be. I suck on my own flesh, a finger, a penis, a beak or a tentacled strap of muscle. I feel the suck in my cunt but also across my skin. I smell fish and salt and sea wrack. I taste pre-come and foam and the grit of sand and pubic hair. sucker feet sticking to breast and pubis. And this is a dream but it is in my skin and on it and I wake to the smell of white bait and crab and my flesh is a tentacled flower tonight.

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careful/careless said...

dearest k,
i just finished. we have been reading it together and we stop at intervals and say god this is an achievement. it is truly better than i had ever imagined. i can't believe it. , love s.