Tuesday, July 21, 2009

writing about writing about sex

Writing about writing about sex is not very sexy. See instructional video - how to have sex with boy/girl. See 'turn the page now - beeeep'. See hygene documentaries played to 12 year old girls who are about to / have just got their first period / pubic hair. See lecture theatres with 100 sleepy students waiting for the clock to tick over to beer o'clock.

Beer o'clock is more sexy than writing about writing about sex.

Writing about sex is more sexy than writing about writing about sex.

Sex is more sexy.

Sex is way more sexy.

Finding a new position after 20 years of tried and true repertoire is much more informative than my article about writing about writing about sex.

So give me the sex and take away the writing about. Give me the new found pleasure and let someone else provide the instructional video.


Catherine Therese said...

Krissy,I didnt know how else to contact you, but had to immediately! 19 pages into your Affection, it's love at first word; the last bit of crumble on the paddle pop stick of a Golden Gaytime. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS.
Catherine Therese
A nice mole from Blacktown, leaning towards Melbourne with glee!

Krissy Kneen said...

oh Catherine. I only saw this today 29/7 because I have been so busy doing stuff I didn't check comments. I now have your memoir in my hot little hand and will read as soon as launch is over (tomorrow) Blacktown girls take over MWF!