Thursday, July 16, 2009


Perhaps it is impolite to give you a star rating Kneen. A simple pull-quote perhaps

"fine. Room for improvement"

because I put such little effort into performance. the orgasm that I am seeking is my own. Yours is just something that I use to turn myself on. Your excitement, an inspiration. Your climax a little visual stimulus.

It wasn't always so. I am sure I remember times when my sighs were there to make you harder. My mouth around a penis, purely for his pleasure.

More recently it has been selfishness that motivates me. My mouth that likes to be filled, my breasts that need to be sucked. My various penetrations that all add to the pleasure. All for me. I swallow if I feel like it, if the taste is right on the back of my tongue. I will spit if I chose to. I will take the pain or the kindness in my own time and my own way.

A sign of age no doubt. I hear about women who live alone and wear a groove for themselves in time. My groove is my selfish climb towards orgasm. Mine. For me. And who are you again? My love? My lover? Thank you then, but the pleasure is all mine. And no, I do not fake those orgasms. I never have. If you don't believe me, put your fingers in here now and feel it for yourself.

Rating? Five star full body orgasm for me and your fingers, your penis noting the excitement. You? What were you doing again?

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