Saturday, July 25, 2009

picking your team

I wouldn't pick me either. When it comes to the team, I am not a team player. I can run and at times the pack will follow, but I am more concerned with my own direction than the group trailing behind me. I select my companions carefully and ocasionally. When my choice is made it takes a lot to shift me. You pick people as if you were throwing a party, invitations willy nilly. The more the merrier. It is your style.

I had my hand raised. I wanted to be picked. I still have a small cold place inside me that would have liked to have been selected. I watch the team gathering around you and I know I am not a team player. Not your team. I step aside and let the crowd gather at your feet. What I thought was doubles, tennis, has turned out to be basketball. I put my hand down slowly.

Don't pick me. But you probably weren't going to anyway.

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