Monday, June 1, 2009


surprised because this does not happen. This is not how I am made. I am not the slippery sliding type and yet there is this sudden uncontrollable physical reaction. So rare. So rare to make it an almost unique experience and now my attention is hijacked. I can think of nothing else. Just the way it changes the way I walk. The chafe of my lips against each other, the idea that, although not alone, I might slip my hand in and check the feel of it. I am missing an experience that happens so little that it is almost never. Lake Eyre filling up with water, and me, half a continent away unable to dip my fingers into the clear shallow pool.

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simonnemichelle said...

This is wonderful.
I saw you at the EWF (came and had a quick chat after your panel - talked about your blog) - it was lovely to meet you. Looking forward to the book :)