Monday, June 1, 2009

unresolved sexual tension

You can see it between them. It is in the way they fight like kids in a playground, throwing stones. He says he does not like her but if you step back far enough that seems unlikely. He is not nasty like this with anyone else. She is not mean. It is against their fundamental natures. They tussle. I watch them. She admits that is what is moving her. He says he is unmoved. Sometimes I believe him. She is not his type. He likes a prettier, quieter, non-threatening kind of little girl. Yet they argy-bargy till I begin to wonder. I can see the wrestling in the bedroom. Inelegant. Half play, half honest agitation.

Come on - I tell him - surely there is some small flame where smoke is billowing.

I am not attracted to her - he tells me. I am curious, but not interested. And suddenly I could slap him. Unresolved sexual tension? or just empathy and a sudden indefensible need to defend her from the hurt that she will surely feel.

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