Tuesday, June 23, 2009

learn this

Lessons learned and repeated and learned again only to be repeated. Circle. Change now. Now. Learn now. Grow up. Remember that you are alone no matter how you trick yourself into thinking you have others. There is just you to lean on, you to find yourself attractive, you to change the battery in your vibrator and run your bath and entertain yourself. You are alone with your work and no one else can make it better. You admire others, but really they are undeserving of your admiration. You put yourself out to help them but it is a distraction from the fact that they do not appreciate you as they should. You do not appreciate yourself as you should.

Buy the fucking battery Krissy. Take the old one out and go to the shop and buy it because you must not rely on the world to make you feel whole and sexy. You must be alone in this and all things. Have you not learned?

Learn learn learn learn learn learn.

Your time is up.

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