Wednesday, June 3, 2009

good and bad orgasms

I had an orgasm that was a disappointment. I came fresh from a shower and, despite the lessons learned I opened my laptop and trawled for porn. Nothing. A blip. The blood rising to the surface and retreating again. The lips of my vagina barely thickening. No moisture. No joy. Is that all? And the two men still going through the motions, and the girl still lying there looking half glad, half scared.

So dressed then and wishing it had gone some other way. How can I let it end like that? The bus waits. I know. I think about the time it wil take to get to the day job. Bookshop awaits but there is more. Surely there is more. Real world. Nothing pornographic. Sweet moments. A little love. People conversing with just an edge of flitation. Clothed hugs. Clothed kissing. Old old old, I am getting old when people brushing past each other on the street eclipses double entry and a cum shot.

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