Sunday, May 3, 2009

the girls

three days in a row I sit with them, the girls, the women. They are varied in age, but mostly they are younger than me. All strong and tough and fiery. When I wonder why I like them I think of their ability to be completely who they are without apology. The women I admire are not pretty. They each carry their beauty like a weapon. They do not put on clothes for men to view. They have partners or they are single, but most importantly they stand for themselves. I stand with them. I hold my own up here amongst these ever-powerful women. I am attracted to them. I could stand with them, naked. I could hold them. But I am happy to just be amongst them. I do not judge myself against these select few. I am made stronger by their proximity. Strange how this works this mirror to ourselves. These smart, sturdy girls and the calm they bring me.

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