Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I forgot to masturbate this morning. Somehow, I got distracted by the washing and the dishes and the printing out of things. I was sitting on the bus and I almost got off, turned around. How long have I got till my shift starts? Do I have time for a quick trip back. Time? possibly. But how ludicrous to take the bus home, only to catch the next one 3 minutes later.

All day at work I was distracted. I had every opportunity and I forgot. It was on my to do list. Why am I not more thorough about my to do list? Is my memory failing me? Am I finally slipping into old age. Next will I forget to pull my pants up or wee in my bed? I wish I had remembered. I wish I had just got off the bus, turned around, begun the day again. Now I am just rattled.

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Katherine said...

You crack me up Krissy!

You know what they say...A womans instincts & intuition are always spot on. You should have got off the bus & instead of going could have made a detour to visit your relevant other for a little bit of TLC. Postponment of gratification obviously has a negative side effect & you don't want that! LOL