Thursday, April 16, 2009

Point of View

We see everything from our own point of view. There are multiple perspectives. Sometimes I see them all, but at other times I am blind. Sometimes I see nothing. There is a cloud of all the things that have happened in my lifetime. Too many stimulants. Too much emotional interference. We are all just a blinding glare of our insecurities.

I hate her because I am jealous of her. I make you cry because I am crying from the hurt of brushing up against you. We cause each other damage. And also we provide comfort to each other. This is the nature of things I suppose but I wish I could live without the mono-vision of my own perspective.

Then I am everyone suddenly and I am her and you and them and I am crushed by the guilt of my own selfishness, this terrible schizophrenic existence making me heaven and hell all at once.


Kat said...

Like this post Krissy! It sounds more like it could possibly be more factual than fictional.Would I be correct in my assumption?

Krissy Kneen said...