Saturday, March 28, 2009


Romance. Stuff of television sit-coms and movies starring Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan. Love Love Love with a captial L. Bad punctuation excused by the blinkered misinterpretation of care, for something more mythic.

Romantic love. How easy is it to fall into the idea of believing in this when you are lonely and there is no one to hold you if you are sad. After anger, in that place where fights end, an arched back, a carapace, here too we reach for something that can be mislabeled love.

Love is that strange and complicated thing we reserve for our family. That grudging care that can't be shaken. When we drag our lovers and our friends into this kind of bind then we have fallen into it. Fallen in love. Stuck with it. You are stuck with me and my scratchy kind of love.

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