Monday, February 23, 2009

drunk and responsible for a blog

Drunk and let loose on a keyboard. The terrible temptation to post. The rampant honesty that comes from one too many wines. The awful, awful self-deprecation. The sensation that I am not of or for this world. I stand at a little distance and I hear myself say 'I am frightened that I will be judged. I write about sex and I am not sexy'. I say this and I know that it is a terrible thing to say. I am indeed sexy. Close your eyes, open your ears, step away from the everyday mundanity of what you expect and I am here. Look at me I am here, drunk perhaps, sad perhaps, rejected perhaps but really, here I am behind that big fuck you that I am holding up to the world. Hiding here. Me. Here. Now. Why don't you see me? I am naked to the world. I am the best you will get.

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