Sunday, January 4, 2009


That little upward motion in my groin. Not in my stomach, it is lower than that, it is all centred around my inner thighs and my clitoris. And it will not leave me in peace. It is a distraction. A ride on a roller coaster that just keeps going around until I am forced to physically put a stop to it. The embarrassing rise and fall of my nipples in a public place. My body reeling out of control, and yet I have some control over it. My face is impassive. You wouldn't know about the intermittent contractions unless you placed your fingers just there. Small spasms that are not reflected in my face. I have practiced a rather bored attitude and I wear it now to mask the crazy oscillations of the flesh. I used to orgasm in public frequently. Once or twice on a bus, a small clench of the legs, a bored yawn to mask the moment of climax. I walk in front of you without looking back as if your physical presence means nothing to me. You noticed my breasts and I am suddenly unable to stand. All of this tumult and I glance up when someone says hello as if it is nothing. This tiny flirtation that is amplified by a body tuned to the subtlety of your nuance. I am your sympathetic vibration. Speak and I will hum in harmony with you.

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