Thursday, January 8, 2009

erotic potential

The erotic potential of other parts of my body.

calf muscle
and we knew about the back of my neck

the head and the body engaged
the story of the eye
Does this have to come to an end?
The whisper
the wide awake erotic potential of a pillow
the water against my skin.

and if I thought I had run out of things to kiss and tell about,
I realise now I have an entire back catalogue of the erotic potential of so many untapped parts of me.

The tremour in a hand
the thud of blood in my chest
the tug of a nipple,
or have I mentioned that one already.
A heady well from which to draw drink.
this now, a first sip and the rest to be savoured later.

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LiteraryMinded said...

I discovered the heel recently. The front of his foot touched it and didn't move away. It was wrong and it was electric. I could feel his breath on my neck.