Thursday, October 16, 2008

B is for Bee Stings

(Melissophilia; Entomocism - use of insects, Entomophilia - arousal from insects, Formicophilia - arousal from ants)

Bee stings are used to extend the duration of orgams, to enhance sensation of the penis and to increase its circumference.

She had a Bee tatooed onto her back. She had a thing for bees she said and we drank to it. We sat in the window after work and clinked pink drinks together and slugged vodka to the sting of the needle against flesh. She said that her bee stung more than childbirth. I said that the words carved into my flesh were nothing compared to the pain of writing a novel. And what I didn't tell her was the pleasure it gave me. The tap of the needle, the sweat of his fist leaning against my shoulder, the thought that this sharp cutting into flesh, this inking, the permanence made me alive to everything around me. The smell of his skin, the feel of the chair that I was straddling, the tight little buds of my nipples. I wanted to lick her bee blood and taste the acid on my tongue. I remembered the taste of menstral blood, the sharp metallic tang, the fist slippery with it.

Some men will react unfavouribly to a bee sting. Some men will fall into anaphylactic shock. For others there will be a swelling of three inches, a penis inflating like a baloon. The bee dies. More often than not the man doesn't.

She is allergic to bees she tells me when it is done and we are back to our pink vodka on the back deck of the bookshop.

The worst pain that she has felt and a pain to make my clitoris swell in it's careful concealement. Some men will hold a bee on each side of the penis and push down on them encouraging them to sting. The death of the bee, a little death. I lift the dressing of her fresh tattoo and smell the sharp tang of her blood and I remember everything.

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